Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Morning Fantasies or Dream Therapy?

It has been a sunny, pleasant day in Streeterville. Nice views from the 14th floor today. Lake's all frozen today and the smoke from the stack at the water treatment facility at Olive Park makes a nice contrast against the blue sky. It has been a bit on the cold side though, 15 degrees per the National Weather Service. This at O'Hare, however. Possibly 16 or 17 at the Lakefront. No data is currently available from the Mini. It might be a bit skewed anyway, since it's parked in an underground, heated garage.

Often I like to sleep late on Sundays before rising for the one big breakfast of the week, accompanied by a local Chicago newspaper and the New York Times. It's a Sunday ritual. Some people go to church. I sleep in and spend a morning getting a serious news fix. When I sleep in on Sundays, though, I sometimes get some strange dreams. There was one this morning about clean floors last night and floors strewn with cat litter when I awoke. Unfortunately this dream was not much of a stretch.

The second dream was a bit farther fetched, though, and it has me wondering. Apparently I was walking down the street alone and the beach in Tumon Bay, Guam had somehow magically merged with the city of Chicago. Two young men decided to join me on my walk and though they possessed a gun, I was somehow unthreatened. I did, however want to ditch them, because they wanted to get me involved in some non-specific unsavory activity. After walking for a while, it got close to lunchtime and I suggested we stop at a Taco Bell for a bite to eat. Another young guy had joined the group by this time.

The dream was taking on the aspect of a road movie or The Wizard of Oz by this time. I said I had to go to the restroom and slipped out the back door. When I came around the corner of the building, there were all the young dudes waiting for me. The gun-toting pair got disgusted and went their own way. The other, nicer kid opted to stay with me. We walked a ways further and came upon a bar/restaurant that looked somehow familiar to me in real life. It was one of those bar/restaurants that have a facade of window/doors that fold away to leave the front open to the air so patrons can sit outside on the sidewalk or just inside, yet still open to the air.

I told the young man with me that this place was a good place to get a bite to eat and asked him if he wanted something to eat. He nodded a yes, so we went inside to look for a host or hostess or waiter or something. All of the tables inside were empty and I began to wonder if they were indeed open. At this point, what appeared to be a hostess appeared and gestured for us to follow her. I would have liked to be seated a bit closer to the front and in the open air, but I was getting really hungry and thought, "Hey maybe there's something in the back overlooking the ocean or something."

What happened was the young woman in question led us into the back of the establishment where there were people practicing yoga and martial arts in a gymnasium-like room. She didn't stop, though and led us a bit further into the innards of the building. When we got there what I saw was what appeared to be a Hindu temple, complete with incense, flowers, and statues of Gonesh and I think Kali, for some reason. I woke up at this point, but boy I have to wonder what that was all about. Just thought I had to get that out so somebody else could wonder too. Thoughts, ladies and gentlemen?

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